What We Offer for You

In a world cluttered with complexity and choice we embrace the following guiding principles: ​​


We believe that increasingly clients are seeking ease in making decisions, from a trustworthy source empowering them to act with confidence.


Investing for the sake of investing is somewhat meaningless. Everything we do is anchored back to the financial plan linked to a clients goals and objectives.


We make it our business to research and find the most appropriate managers in each asset class and use these in our solutions.


Rather than seeking stellar once off performance numbers, we aim for consistent, incremental performance over time.

Our Solutions
Investment Strategy
We are not naïve in believing that we can consistently pick the best managers all the time, nor would it be our intention to do so. This approach has far more to do with luck than it does skill.
What we do however is apply our minds to that which has the highest level of probability of meeting a client’s needs over time.

We invest for the long term

We offer solutions designed to stand the test of time.

We are independent

We don’t play favorites and stay away from yesterday’s heroes.

Get the big decisions right

Asset allocation is the primary driver of both investment performance and risk.

Manager selection

Picking and blending the most appropriate managers to get the job done.

We eat our own cooking

This properly aligns our interests with our clients ensuring that we only offer strategies in which we have the highest levels of confidence.


Whilst we believe in the concept of value over price, we constantly look at ways of driving costs down in the value chain.

Why Model Portfolios?

We have elected to partner with Morningstar Investment Management and together we have established a range of investment portfolios that will facilitate the active management of our clients’ portfolios. This follows a strict process whereby investments are managed by an Investment Committee of specialists with proven track records. In their selection of unit trusts, the investment committee aims to achieve an appropriate degree of diversification while combining the investment expertise of quality investment managers.
All portfolios are subjected to rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis when selecting underlying unit trust funds. The portfolios are managed to meet the needs of end-investors while taking the investment landscape into account.
Model portfolios provide you with many benefits in terms of flexibility, liquidity and transparency.
We negotiate reduced fees on the underlying funds where possible to ensure that our clients benefit from cost-effective portfolios.

Why Morningstar?

Having conducted an exhaustive due diligence process there were several factors which drew us to Morningstar
Morningstar Investment Management South Africa (Pty) Ltd is part of the Morningstar Investment Management group, which offers investment advisory services around the world. As an entity licensed with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA), Morningstar Investment Management South Africa has established an investment practice in South Africa to provide research-driven, innovative and independent investment services to the local market.
Morningstar Investment Management unites the strengths of Morningstar, Inc. with more than three decades of investment experience to help advisers empower investors to meet their financial goals.
Through its global presence, Morningstar Investment Management brings together a rich heritage of local investment-management expertise and experience to craft solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each market.
The investment professionals in South Africa use their knowledge of local markets to help design and manage investment solutions. The South African investment professionals have, on average, more than 10 years of industry experience.